Quality Assurance

Integrated Quality Assurance Plan
DELTA executes a streamlined, two-tier management approach with the entire workforce reporting to a Project Manager (PM) who will oversee day-to-day tasking. The PM, in turn, reports to a Contract Manager (CM). This approach enhances the delivery of quality products and services and avoids added costs associated with carrying additional team leaders/managers.

Project Manager Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Technical expertise specific to the task order(s)
  2. Contract management expertise specific to handling the day-to-day management of the prime contract and subcontracts
  3. Financial expertise required to meet unique financial issues and concerns creatively
  4. Superb time management skills
  5. Leadership and management expertise required to manage the personnel required by the task order(s).

Managing Subcontractors
DELTA has extensive experience managing multi-task contracts with multiple subcontractors. We have maintained an impeccable record of performance, quality, and sound contract administration throughout our past performance. DELTA’s subcontract management approach is based on three elements: customer mission success, contract administration, and cost control.

Subcontractors are required to report on performance, planned tasking, and financial metrics on a monthly basis. DELTA pre-approves all subcontractor travel and ODCs to control costs. While we have policies and procedures in place to contain costs, we enable our subcontractors to take appropriate technical actions on a daily basis in order to maximize their performance and productivity.

Cost Control
We base our approach to cost control on two critical elements: disciplined contract cost administration through our DCAA-approved accounting system and workforce management. The PM uses our established contract administration procedures to dialogue with the Government TOM to both prevent cost overruns and ensure continued adherence to Government regulations. The PM reviews all contract modifications to validate available funds and ensure compliance with cost objectives.

Staffing and Workforce Development
A well-managed workforce is critical to preserving stability and maintaining technical expertise. Our philosophy is simple: partner with our employees, provide competitive benefits, and foster personal and professional growth through mentoring, educational assistance, and professional development training opportunities. DELTA offers competitive market salaries to its employees, a 100% matching 401K up to 6% of an employee’s salary, a bonus program designed to reward quality performers, and “on-the-spot” awards for extraordinary accomplishments. We also have DELTA Time that allows full-time personnel working over 40 hours a week to receive one hour of DELTA Time for every hour worked over 40 hours/week. DELTA time can be taken as leave during the same calendar year or in the form of a cash payout at the end of the calendar year without additional cost to the customer. DELTA’s initiatives have resulted in a retention rate of 81%, cementing our team long into the future and guaranteeing a committed pool of talented personnel.

Problem Notification/Resolution
DELTA employs a vertical/horizontal integrated approach to allow for the routine exchange of information across all task areas and within all branches of customer organizations, identifying and tracking all performance, contractual, and personnel issues. The PM is empowered to resolve all personnel issue. Additionally, the PM resolves all problems at the project level by interfacing with the appropriate Government counterpart. Upon issue identification, the PM provides regular status updates and a mitigation plan to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.

Customer Satisfaction Point of Contact

Christopher Renz
3601 Eisenhower Ave, Suite 220
Suite 220
Alexandria, VA 22304
Email: crenz@deltaresources.com
Phone: (703) 418-1960


Flexible Structure: DELTA encourages and rewards staff flexibility in accommodating customer needs. Employees are able to structure their work schedules to meet those client needs. This allows DELTA staff to respond to customers at any time and from anywhere in the world, thereby providing quality solutions in the most efficient and effective way.

Corporate Headquarters
3601 Eisenhower Ave
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