Breakdown of DELTA Revenue
DELTA provides the following expertise across six programs:

  • Information Technology
    DELTA provides web development and web application services, graphic design services and audio and video production services, ACIO support, SSAA documentation support, and network services and database hosting. [More information]
  • Engineering Services
    DELTA designs, tests, and evaluates hardware and software changes; provides navigation engineering services and engineering on multi-platform systems engineering; supports final acceptance testing; provides general systems engineering support; and provides ForceNet engineering support. [More information]
  • Acquisition Management
    DELTA provides acquisition support that encompasses such activities as: procurement documentation/requirements, technical review support, and requirements development. [More information]
  • Program Management
    DELTA provides program management that encompasses such activities as: program acquisition planning, PPBE support, business process re-engineering, functional leadership for key strategic initiatives, program operation development and implementation, and management internal control. [More information]
  • Financial Management
    DELTA offers project budgeting, implementation, and reporting. Financial services include budgetary research, multi-year fiscal planning, presentation of budgetary information to critical constituencies (e.g., Congressional staff), performance of budget drills, mid-year reviews, finance planning/cost estimation, site visits and integrated program reviews (e.g., compare performance with identified deliverables), and best practices training. [More information]
  • Administrative Support
    DELTA administrative support include preparation of draft instruction, military messages, briefs, letters, and other correspondence; executive support; security/facilities support; personnel management; and conference planning and execution services. [More information]