News Release - 10-11-2018

2019 Founders Scholarship Now Available!

In furtherance of the goal of an educated workforce and in honor of DELTA's 10th anniversary in 2010, DELTA created the DELTA Resources, Inc. Founders Scholarship program for children of DELTA employees. Eligibility for the scholarship is as follows.

Applicants must:

1.    Be a high school senior, a college undergraduate, or a graduate student. (Home school seniors and GED students are eligible if they will receive their diploma within the calendar year of the award.)

2.    Plan to enroll, or be enrolled, in an accredited college or university in furtherance of a degree for the award year (2019-2020). Students attending tuition-free colleges are not eligible.

3.    At the time of application, be the child, stepchild, or legal ward of a DELTA employee. The parent or guardian of the applicant must be employed by DELTA full-time for at least 1 year by the application due date, and be continuously employed by DELTA between the date of application and the date the scholarship is awarded. (A student whose parent or guardian is a member of DELTA's Board of Directors, or an officer or shareholder of the corporation, is not eligible to apply.)

All application materials must be submitted no later than March 1, 2019.

If you child is eligible, please encourage them to apply!  The policy/application can be found here.

Questions about the scholarship may be sent to Thank you.