News Release - 06-21-2010

DELTA Participates in 2010 Navy Interior Communications Symposium
DELTA provided sponsorship and support during the 2010 NICS in Portsmouth, Virginia.


Portsmouth, Va. – DELTA was a supporter of the 2010 Navy Interior Communications Symposium (NICS) as a sponsor during the three day event that occurred from June 15-17, 2010. The mission of this year’s symposium was “Meeting platform operational readiness and mission requirements with integrated, networked and reliable Voice, Video and Data Solutions for new construction and in-service ships.”

In addition to providing a sponsorship, three DELTA employees also provided customer support during the symposium to NAVSEA, SEA 05H11. The Symposium provides private industry and all Department of Defense (DoD) components an opportunity to speak on the development of new systemic programs and hardware devices that can be incorporated into the Navy’s operational platforms. The synergy between the private industry and the expert Program Managers within DoD allows new systems to be procured, installed, and maintained.

During the symposium, DELTA's Randi Mickens was recognized with IC Excellence Award. She demonstrated tremendous dedication and efforts in tracking and managing a Multi-Billion dollar budget for all current and future IC ship’s programs. Her dedicated efforts led to the Navy meeting or exceeding systemic thresholds with cost savings in the millions.