News Release - 10-03-2011

DELTA Expands Operations to Mississippi
A new office in Gautier, Miss. offers extended support for Navy and Coast Guard programs.

New signage at the DELTA office space in Gautier, Mississippi
New signage at the DELTA office space in Gautier, Mississippi.


Arlington, VA – DELTA Resources Inc. announced it has opened an office in Gautier, Miss. to support the Supervisor of Shipbuilding Gulf Coast and shipbuilding programs of the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard. The new office is located at 815 Highway 90 in Gautier, MS. New DELTA signage marks the location.


The new office will support the expansion of the engineering, test and evaluation, and program support services that DELTA accomplishes on separate contracts for program offices at Naval Sea Systems Command, Program Executive Office (PEO) Littoral Combat Ship, PEO Ships, PEO Integrated Warfare Systems, and PEO Aircraft Carriers.