Navy Shipbuilding & Fleet Support

Navy Shipbuilding & Fleet Support

DELTA supports the Navy’s shipbuilding programs and provides Fleet support in areas such as project management, systems engineering, combat systems development, and business management. DELTA analysts have been directly involved in several of the Navy’s most critical shipbuilding initiatives. Our team has supported AEGIS Guided Missile Destroyer modernization efforts (DDG-51), the Navy’s first Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), and the modernization and in-service support for US Aircraft Carriers. DELTA personnel also provide critical Fleet support efforts for the fielding of C5I improvements, ensuring that sailors have reliable and technologically and mature capabilities in order to deploy, execute missions while in harm’s way, and return home safely.

Our analysts provide support to the PEO Ships directorate, whose primary mission is to provide the Navy with equipment on time and within budget, with assistance in configuration change impacts to system costs and construction schedules. DELTA experts also support production and Program Acquisition Resource Manager (PARM) reviews and provide contract management assistance.

  • Acquisition and Program Management
  • Science and Technology
  • Production Analysis
  • Corrosion Control
  • MP&T (ILS) (Tech Docs)
  • Public Affairs

Results-Oriented Service: Helping government leaders make the best decisions for their programs is a value woven into DELTA's culture. By working closely with clients, we can develop viable, results-oriented solutions that help them achieve their missions. This collaborative approach enables DELTA to deliver services and results that consistently exceed expectations.

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